Active (GSM and MW installation) – At a glance

Anti-Theft Clamps For NSN(4G)Outdoor Equipments

Anti-Theft Clamps For Ericssion Outdoor Equipments

Flyover sites installationwith Antitheft clamps

SKYWALK sites installation with antitheft clamps

FabricatioN and Fiber MouldiNg works

In house Maclifton Vehicle (Hydraulic) for Flyover / Bridge and Skywalk sites for night activity (Deployment / Maintenance).

Civil and Interiors

Skilled Manpower for MaintenanceActivity

We at Digitronics Teleinfras Pvt. Ltd., provide Lifter van for Flyover maintenance activity which includes GSM and MW related activities. Skilled Manpower in terms of qualified Engineers and efficient riggers/technician are also provided by Digitronics Teleinfras Pvt. Ltd., so as to rectify/change/trouble shoot any technical problems pertaining to GSM and MW. We also provide vehicles (4 wheeler) on fixed PO basis.

Extra Accessories ….

we at Digitronics Teleinfras Pvt. Ltd also provide small but effective and technical products that are utilized/used in every day to day activity for a telecomm service provider. These products that we supply are not only reliable/robust but also effective and economical that every telecomm company can afford as an accessory. Some of the products that we supply are

      1. CAT- 5/6 cables (armored / normal)
      2. 60 volt cables used for MW alignment/commissioning.
      3. Power cables for BTS and MW equipments.
      4. DUW Rack Supply & Installation
      5. RG-6 / RG-8 Cables for Microwave
      6. DCDB with required ratings of MCB for any type of upgradation

Digitronics Teleinfras Pvt. Ltd., serving


Electricians install and maintain electrical power, communications, lighting, and control systems in homes, businesses, and factories.

Education and Training

Although most electricians learn through an apprenticeship, some start out by attending a technical school. Most states require electricians to be licensed. For more information, contact your local or state electrical licensing board.

Why Camouflage?

In Today's scenario, there are basically 2 major hindrances in erecting a tower/pole for providing seamless coverage.

1. Health Hazard (so called…EMF radiation issue).

2. Dirty/Ugly looking delta/pole which spoils the aesthetics of buildings and also is an eye catcher of people against tower on terrace. To avoid, the above said parameters Camouflage design is being adapted so as to avoid the visibility of GSM / Microwave antenna on terrace and also not spoiling the aesthetics of buildings.


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