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Digitronics Teleinfras Pvt. Ltd. was formed by childhood friends, relying on their combined expertise of business management and field operations in telecom related infrastructure. We cater to installation, service and supply of equipment and parts for various ongoing telecom infrastructure projects all over India.

Digitronic's mission and value is to provide cost effective, timely and efficient services to its customers, while maintaining a sustainable growth strategy to maximize shareholder value.

Our employees are our strength and family, we support them in their professional growth journey by providing them with educational and certification bursaries.


  • We at Digitronics Teleinfras Pvt. Ltd., undertake various and all types of Active and Passive Infrastructure installations.
  • Passive Infra includes - Civil, Electrical, Tower erection, anti theft clamps and Camouflage
  • Active installation includes - GSM and Microwave related activities on Macro / IBS / Micro / Flyover and Bridge Sites.
  • For Flyover /bridge and Skywalk sites we have our own Marlinton, so as to avoid the dependency on external agencies and speed up the activity.
  • We also undertake the Fabrication work and also have specialized teams for GSB (Glow sign board / EMF Boards).
  • Skilled engineers and Manpower on monthly / daily basis (Riggers and technician) are also provided by us.
  • Vehicle (4 wheeler) on monthly basis is also provided by us.
  • We are also exploring the scope of Site acquisition and Liasioning



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